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Amy Green provides photographer services based in Cape Town. Although she travels throughout South Africa to capture memories from gender reveals to your very special events. Being a photographer in cape town we are spoiled for choice, From the sunrises to the sunsets, the beautiful picturesque locations of the beaches to the most dense forests and then just a drive to Blouberg and you have table mountain in the background, I would say being a photographer in Cape Town is truly a blessing. 

These galleries are filled with images from the genres. Gender Reveals bring around the most beautiful joyful moments of a family knowing the gender of their baby. 

Maternity photography galleries bring about a sense of love and adoration for the women who are brave, strong and courageous in order to carry these precious bundles inside them for nine months. As a photographer in Cape Town I am often amazing and the ability moms have to walk through the forest to get to the best locations, carry that little extra load with them. 

Birth photography, Do you have a box of tissues with you. You may just need it. In this gallery it is pure documentary style photography. No position or direction is given and the real raw emotions are captured when a family is complete after waiting so long. As a photographer I am honoured each and everytime I photograph a birth.  

The journey of your family is never complete, you will see many other shoots that you can book in order to keep those memories alive. Being a photographer, I am often so touched and honoured when clients come back year after year. I see families grow, children that are mere 1.8kgs and then become big 20kg 3 year olds who are walking and talking. It is truly amazing to have a photography session every year. Being with your children day in and day out is hard and sometimes you never see the change in them, but having these photographs will remind you and show you that you are doing good mom and dad, you child is growing, changing and evolving right here in Cape Town. Isn’t that worth celebrating and capturing. 

 I know I have said it many times but I will say just once more. Being a photographer in Cape Town is my biggest joy and most wonderful achievement, let’s face it, us Cape Townians, we are the best and we live in the best place south of the equater. 

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