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Amy Green provides various photography services in and around Cape Town. Even though Amy Green is based in Cape Town, she also provides photography services throughout South Africa to capture beautiful memories for you and your family. These services include gender reveals, Maternity, Cake Smashes, Engagements/weddings, baby photography as well as family photo shoots.

Being a photographer in Cape Town, we are spoiled for choice, from the sunrises to the sunsets, the beautiful picturesque locations of the beaches to the densest forests. And then just a drive to Blouberg beach and you have the scenic Table Mountain in the background. I would say being a photographer in Cape Town is truly a blessing.

Our galleries are filled with an array of photography services that we provide: Gender Reveals bring around the most beautiful joyful moments of a family knowing the gender of their baby.

Maternity photography galleries bring about a sense of love and adoration for the women who are brave, strong, and courageous to carry these precious bundles inside them for nine months. I am often amazed by the ability of moms to be able to walk through the forest to get to the best location, and their ability to carry that little extra load with them.

Birth photography, Do you have a box of tissues with you. You may just need it. In this gallery, it is pure documentary style photography. No position or direction is given and the real raw emotions are captured when a family is complete after waiting for so long. As a photographer, I am honoured every time I photograph a birth, a wedding, a cake smash, or some special moment in your life.

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Gone are the days where your Gynae says “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl”, Let us be honest right up front, your Pinterest boards are filled with nursery ideas for both boys and girls and you can’t wait to get your hands on that first DIY project.



Do the words Maternity Photography scare you a little bit? Mom to be, that is ok. You are growing a human being inside of your body: you are a rockstar, a superhero and very special women to that little life inside you.



This is such a special moment in your life that you will only experience once with each of your children and every birth will be a completely different experience and being there to give you the freedom to fully embrace your story.

baby smiles giggles girl


You waited 9 months for this little bundle of joy to arrive in your arms. Your newborn is here and the new journey can begin as a family. Your newborn photoshoot will take place anywhere from 6 to 21 days from the birthday of your baby. If your little one is premature and had to stay in the NICU for a few weeks, don’t worry, preemie babies do give us more time.


Your baby is 6 months old, how did that happen? Where did the newborn that sleeps, eats, cries and repeats? Oh, wait who are we kidding your 6-month-old baby still does that, all that is different now is they have a lot more energy and can outmanoeuvre you in a heartbeat.


Mamma, you made it — It is a year of hard work, keeping your baby alive, getting adjusted to cold coffee and tea, learning how to speak baby all while trying to keep yourself sane and alive. This cake smash photography session is about your little ones’ first birthday but it is also about you. 

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bride groom horse wedding
event photography cape town


Taking your family to the beach, the forest, the V & A Waterfront or any of the fabulous venues that our fair city has to offer. The most important aspect of having a family shoot is that you and your family stays true to who you are. 


Making memories on the most important day of your life. The moments unseen in your wedding day are the moments I capture. From Granny Susans tears to the yawn of the page boy and the love in your partner’s eyes.


Celebrating your birthday, your little one’s birthday or having that long awaited office party or even the launch of your product line. Don’t leave phone photos and selfies are your memory but rather all your guest have the time of their lives.  

Final Thoughts

The journey of your family is never complete, from being born, experiencing the first day of school, graduating, getting engaged and getting married, having your first child – all these memories needs to be cherished. Being a photographer, I am often so touched and honored when clients come back year after year.

I see families grow, children that are a mere 1.8kgs and then become big 20kg 3-year-olds who are walking and talking. It is truly amazing to have a photography session every year. Being with your children day in and day out is hard and sometimes you never see the change in them, but having these photographs will remind you and show you that you are doing a good job as mom and dad. Your child is growing, changing, and evolving right here in Cape Town. Isn’t that worth celebrating and capturing?

I know I have said it many times but I will say just once more. Providing photography services to families in Cape Town is my biggest joy and most wonderful achievement, let’s face it, us “Cape Townians”, we are the best and we live in the best place south of the equator.


The pricing guides and information pdfs are ready for you. Just click on the button and send me a message and ill be in touch within 24 hours. 

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