Covid Policy

This is the Covid Policy 2021 as of 2 January 2021. This policy comes into affect immediately and will be adhered to at all time,

The Photography To Remember location Covid Policy

Masks will be worn by me at all times. Masks are to be worn by my clients when I am not photographing the individual at hand. Sanitizer will be given to everyone prior to the shoot and after the session is complete. I will attempt to stay at least 1.5m from you at all times. Should the need arise for me to come closer I will ask your permission to do so. Shoots will be no longer than an hour long. In the event that a large crowd gathers around us while photographing your shoot, we will move to a quieter, safer location.

The Photography To Remember Studio Covid Policy,

The studio and all equipment used will be santizered prior to your arrival.

You will be asked to remove your shoes while in the studio.

If Hair and Make up is required Candy, our make up artist, will wear a mask at all times and all equipment will be sanitized prior to your arrival.

For the safety of myself and the studio, should you wish to bring your own props, please bring them a day or two before so I can wash and disinfect the prop you would like to use.

Masks are to be worn at all times in the studio, if you are not being photographed, I, Amy Green, will wear my mask at all times.

The Photography To Remember studio is small so immediately family only, Should you wish to have photographs with extended family (grannies / grandpas) we will need to schedule a separate session outdoors. I can only have 4 people in the studio at a time.

Should I feel some symptoms of flu like symptoms or become unwell, I will immediately inform you and we will reschedule once I am completely symptom free or at the end of my quarentine period.

Should you or any members of your family be symptomatic please inform me immediately and we will reschedule once you are completely symptom free or at the end of your quarantine period.

I will not be held liable in the event of you or your family members becoming ill shortly after having a session.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me on