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Hi, I am Amy Green and I am so glad you are here.

I am a passionate and fiercely committed Cape Town based Photographer and I am here to help you, to lead and guide you in your Maternity, Newborn, Birth, Milestone, Gender Reveal, Lifestyle, Wedding and Family photography dreams. 

My photography studio, is in the heart of the Fish Hoek Valley(Cape Town) and is there to serve all new moms ( first time and fifth-time mom-to-be) by photographing a time when your baby slept, ate, pooped and repeated.  

I have worked hard for the nickname, #babywhisperer, and many moms have asked to hire me at bedtime!!


The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived, your baby will be in your arms in the next few hours. Whether you are planning a natural birth or C section birth, your birth photographer will be there to capture those moments that go by in the blink of an eye. Allow yourself and your partner to be there, fully present for the birth of your baby, forget your phone and your camera, giving you the freedom to enjoy every moment – that first cry and that first cuddle. Its a feeling like no other.

Then it is time you brought your baby home, you have seen the changes in your little one already, they grow so fast. newborn photo shoots are planned between 6 and 21 days from the birth of your little one. Whether you like a big elaborate set. or a more simplistic look, there is something for you at the Photography To Remember studio. 

If you are currently pregnant or planning on expanding your family, it is never too early to book the right photographer for you. Your photographer will be there, from the gender reveal to the newborn photography session, capturing all the special and important moments of this pregnancy.

Gender Reveal photo shoots take place between 14 and 21 weeks of your pregnancy, giving you plenty of time to decorate the nursery in the theme and colour scheme you have dreamt of. Then the Maternity session, Here the photo shoot is done between 32 and 38 weeks of your pregnancy. In all my years of being a maternity photographer in Cape Town, I have seen so many pregnant bellies and every single one is different, unique and beautiful.

Once all your photo shoots are edited and ready, the walls in your home will never look the same. Your memories will forever live in your home and your hearts. Block mounted photographs, beautiful canvases and printed framed photographs, the options are limitless.

The memories, pictures and special moments do not have to stop there. That is the thing I love about photography, it is never-ending. When your baby is 6 months old and learning to sit to the first birthday, there is always a reason to photograph your little one. Then annual family photo shoots are there to remind you all of the years gone by and see the changes in all of you from year to year.  

- FAQ's -

What will a newborn shoot cost?

There are three different options to choose from when selecting your newborn photography session. From the simplest of sets to the more elaborate with something in between, we have a session package for you. Photography session can range between R 2000 – R 4500 depending on the package you would like to access. Remember hair and makeup is included for you mom, you deserve it. 

Is having a newborn shoot safe for my baby?

As a mom I realize and understand that you want your baby to be in the safest possible hands. It is particularly important that you research your photographer to know that they have 1) Experience with newborns and posing their tiny little bodies 2) They have a hygiene standard for their studio 3) Have done a first aid course. In the right hands, your newborn baby will be safe and having a newborn shoot will not be doing any harm to your little one. 

When should I schedule a newborn session?

Newborn photo shoots can be scheduled between 6 and 21 days from your little one birthday. If your baby is premature, then we can schedule the session up to 6 weeks depending on your babies gestational age. The sooner the better. Instead of waiting until your little one is born to book your photo shoot, book now and receive a tentative date for the newborn shoot as your photographer may be fully booked by the time your little one is born. 



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Whether you are planning to grow your family, your family has grown or you are together with your family for that 1 time year, I would love to be part of all these special milestones, giving you lasting memories. 

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