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Slow down & take a deep breath….

I am sure when you stop the clock and look around, you feel pretty overwhelmed by what you see — have you got a list of To-Dos a kilometre long waiting for the birth of your newborn baby?

  • Getting your newborns baby and families washing done.
  • Fetch your Donna Car Seat from Baby City and putting a HUGE sign on the garage door for hubby to put it together ( which you know will be done when your water breaks and you go to give birth, right? )
  • Get meals ready for post-baby / late afternoon extra murals.

Or you are a busy mom trying to get your children ready for school while they are standing around in their underwear walking around like little Sloths.

Oh mamma I hear you and see that list – Come with me and let’s take one more thing off your to do list, “find a maternity, birth and newborn photographer“.


Hello there, my name is Amy Green and I am the photographer behind these photographs and videos. Here is a little bit more about me and why I am here to serve you. 

This little rugrat right here is Levi, he is my crazy, full of life and much loved little man. You can read more about this little miracle below. 

I am a South African girl through and through, give me a braai with friends a game of Uno and a Gin and Tonic and I am the happiest girl in the world. I have always know that children will be part of my life and career, I trained as a nurse, then creche and Grade R teacher, both I feel have helped me tremendously with my ability to work with you and your family. 

I am not only passionate about your little one but I am fiercely passionate about you and creating the memories that you want to cherish for the rest of your life. 


“Amy has a wonderfully disarming way of making you and your family feel completely at ease, capturing the most precious of smiles and moments of connection.”- Sarah 

THIS IS MY STORY:  In 2013, after a long battle with infertility, My ex-husband bought me a DSLR camera to aid as a light distraction from my painful reality and Photography to Remember was born. My passion for what I loved never faltered throughout my personal heartbreak however just a year later after the 3rd round of IVF I gave birth ( via emergency c section ) to my precious miracle, Levi.

Photography to Remember has grown and evolved over the last few years specialising in fine art photography for both Maternity and Newborn along with documentary-style Birth Photography and Videography.  The wonderful journey from Gender Reveals, Sitter Sessions, Cake Smashes, Family photo-sessions and all the milestones in between.

I will work in collaboration with you to make sure you feel like the beautiful women you still are ( pregnant or not). This is your photo shoot, your moment to hold for a lifetime. With me, there is nothing to need to think about – I have gowns, props and a hair and make up artist on my team – Don’t worry Mamma, I got you all sorted. I even have outfit ideas for your partner!. Being your photographer in Cape Town is the most regarding part of my life and I look forward to meeting anyone and everyone of you. . 

“Dorothea Lange once said; Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”

– What a privilege is mine. Amy x

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What is birth photography and why it is so important?

Birth Photography is a professional photographer that has been trained by an association to photograph the birth of your baby/babies. On your wedding day, did you or your partner take any pictures with your phones or your camera’s? I am pretty sure that your phones and cameras were the last thing on your mind. So for your special day, you hired a professional wedding photographer that took amazing pictures on your wedding day, now you look back on them and can smile and laugh about poor old uncle Koos falling over on the dance floor while Tanny Lindy tried to break out the langarm moves.  So why would you not want professional pictures of the next greatest day in your life? Think about the pictures you will look back on, The handhold that helped you through the greatest contraction. The gentle kiss on the head in the theatre bringing you peace and calm while there is so much chaos or when big sister stares at little sister. Hiring a birth photographer will give you freedom to be in that moment and remember it forever when you see your photographs. 

Can a family member or friend come and take pictures at my birth?

I know that this would seem like a good idea, that way your mom or sister could witness the birth and take pictures at the same time. However this is not possible, you see in the birthing room whether it be the hospital room or theatre, there are many protocols in the room that need to be adhered too. There are lots of different items you are not allowed to be touched, there are photographs that are strictly not allowed to be taken. If your family or friend were to touch that item it can cause a risk of infection to you, your baby and the doctors and nurses involved. The list goes on and on which is why professional birth photographers are essential to your birth team. They are trained in what to do and not to do as well as being equipped with the correct use of there camera’s and most importantly their creative eyes, to see situations in the birth room that others wouldn’t see. 

How much can I expect to pay for a birth photographer?

While there are many thoughts and opinions out there about the cost of a birth photographer, here are some things to take into account when looking at the different package options from your chosen photographer. As a birth photographer we are on call for you, meaning we leave immediately as soon as your call arrives that you are in labour or if your c section turns into an emergency. We have to have plans in place for our children to be looked after while at your birth. We love single moment at your birth but behind the scene is a lot for us to have in place to be there and fully present at you birth. Packages can range between R 3500 – R 9000 depending on the added extras you would be adding onto your package. I have three options for your special day | please head to the contact us page and I will send through the package options for you. 

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I am so glad you are here and I can't wait to get to know you and your beautiful family. 

Whether you are planning to grow your family, your family has grown or you are together with your family for that 1 time year, I would love to be part of all these special milestones, giving you lasting memories. 

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