Maternity photography is a whole different genre of photography. This a creative method to preserve the memory related to the hard labour and beautiful feeling during the months of pregnancy. Pregnancy is considered to be a blessing so it is worth recording this moment of the life. Moreover, this is a moment when the mother loses her confidence about the body due to the gain in wait and the large tummy.

Thus maternity photography is essential in redeeming the self-esteem and to give the body a new meaning and identity. Professional photographers are dedicated to preserving the aesthetics and emotional connection of the parents during this period. These bodies are not objectified by the lens of the camera, moreover, the sanctity of the moment is preserved which can be cherished in the years to come.

The best way to capture the moment

There is a lot of experimentation going on related to maternity photography in order to capture the emotion of the mother and to convey the beautiful relation that has already begun between the mother and child. Most of the photography took place in closed spaces, mainly studios due to privacy especially if one is not fully clothed.

Professional photographers are pushing the boundaries and are encouraging photos in the open in midst of nature. This adds to the majestic feeling of welcoming the new one to the world, beyond the confinements of the walls. The wider space and nature add to the idea of a mother welcoming her child to a world that is as nascent ad beautiful as the baby itself.

Another departure from studio photography, which is more of an artificial method, is capturing at home. As a photographer, the first duty is to make the subject feel comfortable because that will allow them to photograph the subjects at the most relaxed and personal moments.

These personal moments can only be achieved in a home where the subject can relate to the surrounding and already part of it. These moments when the subject is casual is the best moment as they are more intimate can reveal a lot about her feeling about motherhood.

One of the most important steps to make your subject feel comfortable is to simplify the surrounding. This will allow the feeling of mother towards her baby or the wait for her baby to come out with ease.

It is way just like photographing in home where the subject speak about herself on camera, the simpler the surrounding the better is the communication between the viewer and subject. Whatever else comes in the frame can act as distraction so the background is necessary to highlight the subject.

The parental consciousness about the baby is also important so it is important to highlight the relationship between the couple, which will reveal a lot about the period of pregnancy and will add a depth to the picture. Similar depth can be achieved by involving a sibling or a pet. Though the nature of expectation and wait is different from the parents still the dimension is unique and equally emotional.

maternity beach photo shoot


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