Newborn Cape Town Photographer Fish Hoek
Newborn Cape Town Photographer Fish Hoek

You have two lines on the test? Now What? 

The day has come and you have two beautiful lines on a test that makes everyone knee's tremble, you want these moments captured but where do you start. That is where I can help you - Capturing moments from the announcement for family and on Facebook to the beautiful Family Portraits in 12 years time. 

Getting to know your family, capturing moments and memories so special, learning what makes your little ones giggle, capturing your family grow and gifting you with these once in a lifetime memories, is a priceless moment I want to share with you - Amy Green 

Gender Reveal Cape Town Boy Fish Hoek Best Photographer
Gender Reveal Cape Town Boy Fish Hoek Best Photographer

Gender Reveal

You have made it through the morning sickness, you have started feeling those little flutters of movement now its time to reveal to the world that you are having a ..... Are you stuck with an original idea for how to reveal the gender of your little butterfly or soccer star? Well this is where I can help you - We can get messy with powder paint or actual paint, write it in the sand, pop a balloon or even do a confetti throwing shoot, sound like fun? 

Don't want to know the gender of your baby that's ok too - Let me help you tell the world so the world can stop asking you! 

Gender Reveal shoots start from R2000 

Maternity Photography Fish Hoek Cape Town Photographer
Maternity Photography Fish Hoek Cape Town Photographer
Maternity Photography Fish Hoek Cape Town Photographer

Celebrating The Bump

The little life is moving and grooving now, your stomach is making movements you never thought possible, now its time to celebrate you, the beautiful life that you are creating!  I hear so often that you feel like an elephant, you feel so big, you even feel so ugly, how will you photograph?" Beautifully is always my answer, hair and make up is included in all of my shoots making you feel pampered and reminding you of how beautiful you are.

Maternity Sessions are booked between 30 and 38 weeks - You can choose between 4 different styles - A milk bath, location, Studio or Lifestyle - Not sure which one suit you lets meet for a complimentary pre consultation where we discuss who you are and what would best suit you! 

If you are a high risk pregnancy, expecting multiples or a special needs baba please email me asap, I will make a special plan for you! 

Packages starting from R 3000 including Hair and Make Up 

Birth Photography Cape Town Photographer
Birth Photography Cape Town PhotographerBirth Photography Cape Town Fish Hoek

Its Time to meet your Baby! 

Are you ready for this? Probably not, those nerves and anxiety but all the while excited - Shoo its one heck of a day to remember. You may wonder how on earth I could capture this time in your life - To answer a few questions quickly - Yes I am able to not pass out when you are birthing your little one, yes I am allowed into most theaters and I am sure you are asking why on earth you would need this moment photographed? 

Will you remember how support your partner was during the birth? Will you remember his tears shed when he saw baby for the first time? Will you remember the cutest expression your baby made when he saw you for the first time? Well, I am sure those moments would soon be forgotten if it is not documented. 

If you are birthing in the safety and warmth of your home, or in the hospital or having a c section planned or emergency. 

I am on call for you from 3 weeks prior to the birth of your little one, night and day. 

Booking is essential as there are only a few slots available due to the on call nature of this session. 

Packages start from: R 8000 

Newborn Photographer Cape Town Fish Hoek
Newborn Photographer Cape Town Fish Hoek
Newborn Photographer Cape Town Fish Hoek
Newborn Photographer Cape Town Fish Hoek
Newborn Photographer Cape Town Fish Hoek
Newborn Photographer Cape Town Fish Hoek
Newborn Photographer Cape Town Fish Hoek
Newborn Photographer Cape Town Fish Hoek
Newborn Photographer Cape Town Fish Hoek

Your Baby Is Here!! 

Welcome to the word little one, you have had quiet a journey coming here,now it is time to remember just how tiny you are. 

Newborn Sessions are done 5 to 14 days after birth as this is when they are the smallest, cutest and sleepiest! Once they reach 14 days they begin to know that there is a world around them, it is not impossible to do a shoot but it does take longer, they feed more but are still so so cute!

Now Mom you are tired, bangs under the eyes, you just want an hour to yourself to sit catch up on your Facebook and Instagram well here is your chance and you get pampered in the process as all of my package include hair and make up for you! Remember you are beautiful!

All props, backdrops and custom themes props are provided in studio. 

Don't feel like you can face the world but want to capture your little one so tiny, I can come to your home too. 

Newborn Packages between from R 4000 

Child Photographer Cape Town Fish Hoek
Child Photographer Cape Town Fish Hoek

How are you 6 months old already? 

Wow, time is flying, you are probably starting to crawl or stand holding up on things, laughing giggling, the list is endless of how much you have changed. Holding onto these memories are so precious because soon enough you will be walking and talking and *cough cough tantrums begins* but at 6 months you are the cutest little button! Lets not forget the innocence! 

Sitter Sessions or Milestone Images are done in studio or on location and have a theme  - A pre consultation is organized and we get planning for your shoot! 

Sitter Session Package start from R2000 

Cake Smash Cape Town Fish Hoek Photographer
Cake Smash Fish Hoek Photographer
Cake Smash Cape Town Fish Hoek Photographer

High Five Mom and Dad, Your baby is 1 years old! 

WOW A whole year old, what a better way to celebrate than making a big old mess, after all you do it anyway at home now at least its allowed and photographed!

Part 1 - The Milestone Images, these are remember the little details of how your little was when they were 1, the curls in the hair the smile, the frowns and the way they make you laugh. 

Part 2 - Its time to smile as a family. Here we try replicate some of the family pictures and show just how much they have grown in your arms in 1 year! 

Part 3 - Here is when things get messy, yip messy, cake is brought out and baby goes to town. 

Part 4 - A bubble, I'm sure Dad went EEK you are not bringing our child home messy and sticky and sugar in the car, no dad, I promise they are cleaner than when they arrived, having a fun bubble bath with toys and bubbles - lots and lots of bubbles, then cleaned up and sent home for a well deserved nap! 

Cake Smash sessions involve a detailed planning session with you free of charge to make the set up suit your little one perfectly! 

Cake Smash Session Packages Start From: R3000 Including cake and decor

Family Photographer Fish Hoek Cape Town

They grow up so fast!

Moms you have so many pictures of your kids on your phone, so many sweet moments of granny and your little one but where are you? How many photographs do you have of you with your family, with your little one? Dad how about you? 

Put down your phones, look up at me and smile - I tell you where to go, what to do, when to laugh and tickle your little one. 

Not sure what to wear, Let me help you - A pre consultation is organized to discuss location, time, clothing options to suit your family. 

Family Session packages start from R 2000.00 

Hair and Make up can be organized at an additional charge! 

Event Photographer Cape Town

Celebration is in the Air

If you are celebrating a birthday, having a baby shower or need an event photographer, please feel free to email me to request your date! 

No party is too big, no event is too small! 

Email: for more information


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